WeStart-Wellesley Business Leadership Council Startup Weekend
$1000, 30 Hours, 1 Idea Comes True
March 10-11, 2018, Wellesley, MA


How It Works

No prior ideas & team needed. Come to learn to start a startup/non-profit!

Form A Team

After a round of initial pitches, participants will form a team of 3 to 5.


Teams will be paired up with a mentor, who will facilitate so you find the best idea.


You will be forced to go out and talk to the users.


Showcase your idea to judges to win a total of $1000 prize (one $500, one $200, three $100).

Why Should I Participate?

Meet potential co-founders

You never know a person unless you have worked with them.

Learn how to start a startup or non-profit

Mentors, workshops are all here to teach you. You will learn anything from design thinking to marketing.

Get startup internships or job opportunities

If you aren't ready to start your own startup, consider joining one.

Win cash prize and seed funding

$1000 cash prize sponsored by Wellesley's Business Leadership Council and additional follow up funding is waiting for you.


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March 10rd 2018, Saturday

8:00 Registration and breakfast

8:30 Opening ceremony

9:00 Team formation

10:00 Start working

10:00 Workshop on Effective Brainstorming

12:00 Lunch with Hubspot

14:00 Workshop on Design Thinking

15:00 Idea validation

16:00 Workshop on Branding and Marketing

18:00 Dinner

18:15 Fireside chat with Nondini Naqui

19:00 Fireside chat with Prabha Dublish

20:00 Workshop on Startup Financing

22:00 End of day one

March 11th 2018, Sunday

8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Workshop on Pitching

11:30 Lunch with Contrary Capital

14:00 Final meeting with mentors and presentation prep

15:00 Pitch!

16:00 Closing Ceremony

16:30 End of day two



No, not at all. You will be brainstorm with your team at the event.


No, you will form a team of 3-5 on spot. We will ask you to include at least two Wellesley studnets per team.


No expectation that you have started anything before. You are here to learn :)


Yes, go ahead. Starting anything from the ground up is celebrated!


Any Wellesley, Olin, and Babson students can participate! No major requirement. Anyone can be an entrepreneur!


No, this is not a hackathon. Just come with creative ideas and the energy to make a difference.


Yes. I hope you don't eat too much that you can't continue working.


All things about startup! Brainstorm, validate, build, pitch, fundraising, and more! Teams will be assigned mentors and our speakers will be hosting workshops throughout the two days.

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We will be giving out one $500, one $200, and three $100 prizes.

Our Team

WeStart is Wellesley's Entrepreneurship community. We aim to inject the entrepreneurial spirit into Wellesley.


Mojia Shen

Co-founder & Alumnae Chair

Tina Zhang

Co-founder & Community Chair

Ye Rin Chu

Treasurer & Fundraising chair

Yuna Gan

Operations Chair


Rhea Mehta

Education Chair

Samantha Lai

Marketing Chair

Miranda Yang

Outreach Chair

Contact Us

Questions? Feel free to contact us at Samantha.Lai@wellesley.edu